‘Beyond a joke’: Home Affairs and Immigration ministers do not organize a single press conference amid the detainees’ disaster

The two ministers best placed to explain the series of events that led to the alleged brutal beating of a Perth grandmother have been nowhere to be found this week.

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil and Immigration Minister Andrew Giles have not held press conferences since it emerged on Monday that released immigration detainee Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan had allegedly beaten a cancer patient 73 years old.

The decision to remove the ankle bracelet from the 43-year-old Kuwaiti was made in March before Doukoshkan allegedly invaded Ninette Simons’ home, beat her and tied up her 76-year-old husband on April 16.

Sky News presenter Kieran Gilbert criticized ministers for turning their backs on the media as the public searches for answers.

Despite the lack of media appearances, Giles paid a visit to Rivergum Cricket Club on Friday and showed it off on his social media, a fact Gilbert called “beyond a joke”.

“It’s embarrassing for Minister Giles to see a post like that at a time like this when Australians want peace of mind about security,” Gilbert said.

“In the wake of the shocking attack on Ninette Simons, allegedly by a former detainee, the minister has not held a press conference.”

Instead, the minister made an appearance on Friday at Rivergum Cricket Club to discuss youth participation in sport.

“This afternoon he will post about a cricket club. “It is becoming a travesty and I think it is almost inevitable that the Prime Minister will have to remove Andrew Giles from immigration,” Gilbert said.

While ministers avoided press conferences about the situation, Giles’ office issued a statement to Sky News about the decision that led to the alleged attack on Simons.

“The Community Protection Board provided recommendations on the management and visa conditions of all individuals, and a delegate of the minister subsequently granted visas with conditions taking into account this advice from the board,” the Immigration Minister’s Office said.

However, Prime Minister Albanese appeared to contradict the explanation, stating on Friday morning that the final decision had been made by the Community Protection Board, and not the minister’s delegate.

“I think it’s a wrong decision by that board. But they make decisions independently (ly)… One of the things we have in this country is a separation,” Albanese said.

NDIS Minister Bill Shorten later told Sky News that the safeguarding board had provided recommendations to the minister’s office, which then made the decision.

“We created an independent protection board because they are the experts. They are the ones who make the recommendations. We will follow what they say,” Shorten said.

He agreed with the Prime Minister that the decision taken was wrong.

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News Day |  May 3

Doukoshkan appeared in court three times before his alleged assault on Ninette Simons, 73, including for violating visa conditions.

Despite this, the Commonwealth did not object to his release on bail.

Mrs O’Neil has made a breakfast television appearance this week and Mr Giles has made a radio appearance. Neither of them has offered a press conference.

The Immigration Minister said on Wednesday he was seeking information from the three-member Community Protection Council.

The Coalition has been extremely critical of the Labor government for its handling of the issue.

Shadow immigration minister Dan Tehan told on Friday that the public expects their “elected officials to stand up and explain what went wrong”.

“Australians just want to know from the Immigration Minister what the government is doing to keep them safe, especially after one of the detainees Labor released into the community allegedly beat and robbed a grandmother who survived cancer.

“But Andrew Giles can’t find five minutes in his day to reassure Australians about their safety, although he does have time to go to his local cricket club,” Mr Tehan said.

Sky News presenter Kieran Gilbert also called for both ministers to front the media.

“What we need is a little clarity in front of the camera. That is what ministers must do in times of crisis: be at the forefront,” he stated.