Kristi Noem hit with a brutal community note

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem received a community note on “.

Noem, who has been considered a possible running mate for Donald Trump in 2024, describes shooting the farm dog to death in her upcoming book. No turning back: The truth about what’s wrong with politics and how we move America forward.

Community notes are written by X users and are attached to a tweet if there is enough support for them from others on the platform. In this case, the note includes the lack of mention that the dog had put her children at risk in a brief excerpt from her book published by The Guardian.

After the release of the excerpt, in which Noem also describes killing a goat because it smells bad and chases her children, she defends her actions in a tweet, saying: “We love animals, but difficult decisions like this happen all the time. time on a farm.”

But the episode has sparked a backlash, including from some Republicans, and resulted in a sharp drop in bookmakers’ odds on Noem being chosen as Trump’s potential vice president.

On Thursday Noem once again defended her actions in X commenting: “Don’t believe the twisted #fakenews media spin. I had to choose between the safety of my children and an animal that had a history of attacking people and killing livestock. I chose my children.”

The governor also shared a segment of a Fox News interview with host Sean Hannity in which he claims that Cricket was an “extremely dangerous” working dog.

She said: “She came to us from a family who found her too aggressive, we were her second chance and the day she was put down was the day she slaughtered the cattle that were part of our neighbours. “She attacked me and it was a difficult decision.

“The reason it’s in this book is because it’s full of difficult and challenging decisions I’ve had to make throughout my life…this was a dangerous animal and I had to choose between keeping my young children safe and other people or a dangerous animal and I chose the safety of my children.”

However, other pheasants + chickens killed.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. An X post by Noem defending the shooting death of her dog Cricket has now received a community note from other users of the platform.


“When criticized, Noem altered her Cricket story, yelled at him to bite her, to bite the story, and to be ‘danger to children.'”

The note also included links to articles by The Guardian, CNN, Forbes and FOX 5 KSWB-TV all reference these claims. The community notes “require agreement among contributors who have sometimes disagreed on their previous ratings.”

According to the extract published by The Guardian Cricket was a “wire-haired pointer, about 14 months old” that Noem wanted to train for pheasant hunting.

However, the dog allegedly ruined a hunt by going “crazy with excitement, chasing all those birds and having the time of her life.” Then, on the way home, Noem says the dog attacked another family’s chickens, “grabbing one chicken at a time, biting it to death, and then dropping it to attack another.”

When she grabbed Cricket, Noem claimed the dog “turned around to bite me.” In response, Noem called the dog “untrainable” and “less than useless…as a hunting dog,” adding, “I hated that dog.”

Concluding that he was “dangerous to anyone he came into contact with,” Noem shot Cricket in a gravel pit along with a “nasty, mean” goat that had taken to chasing her children.

news week reached out to Governor Noem via the contact form on her official website at 5 a.m. ET on Friday. This article will be updated if she decides to comment.

Noem defended her actions in a statement released April 28, insisting that she “followed the law and was a responsible mother, dog owner, and neighbor.”

The Republican added: “South Dakota law states that dogs that attack and kill livestock can be euthanized. Since Cricket had shown aggressive behavior toward people by biting them, I decided what I did. As I explained in the book, I didn’t It was like this”. “It’s not easy, but often the easy way is not the right one.”

The book, published by Center Street, goes on sale May 7.