Nintendo removes 8,535 Yuzu repositories in major DMCA takedown

OLED in hand
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

After successfully taking down the open source Switch emulator Yuzu, Nintendo is on the warpath once again and has removed a total of 8,535 Yuzu repositories via GitHub in one go.

As reported by TorrentFreak (thanks, Eurogamer), Nintendo had filed a DMCA notice to GitHub earlier this week, targeting Yuzu repositories that it claims “provide access to the Yuzu emulator or code based on the Yuzu emulator ( that) illegally circumvents Nintendo’s technological protection.” “measures and executes illegal copies of Nintendo Switch games.”

GitHub then explained that because the network was made up of over 100 repositories (of which most, if not all, contained allegedly infringing content), it had made the decision to bomb the entire network of 8,353 repositories, including the main one. Phew.

GitHub then contacted all repository owners and provided them with opportunities to make changes to the repositories, file a DMCA counter-notice, or recover legal recourse if necessary.

Now, Nintendo protecting its property is nothing new or particularly surprising, but it’s interesting to see how aggressive it’s being right now. The Switch still exists, of course, but it makes us think about the company’s next console and its potential for backwards compatibility.

Nintendo wouldn’t want its Switch catalog to be accessed via emulation if it’s looking to keep them available for ‘Switch 2’, right? Food for thought.