iOS 17.5 adds a new repair status mode to make it easier to send iPhones for repair

Apple is preparing to announce iOS 18 to the public in a few weeks, but before that, there is another beta program that must come to an end. That beta is for iOS 17.5, and the latest beta has given us a hint about a new feature that will make it easier for people to send their iPhone to Apple when it needs to be repaired.

Currently, for Apple to repair an iPhone requires people to turn off the Find My feature for a couple of reasons. One is the fact that it ensures that the iPhone is actually owned by the person trying to fix it. Second, it means that if Apple needs to trade in the iPhone for a new one, Find My is already disabled, meaning the process of doing so is relatively simple. But now Apple is reportedly preparing to make a new change that will eliminate the need to disable Find My forever.

iOS 17.5 adds a new repair status mode to make it easier to send iPhones for repair 02


That news comes after 9to5Mac reported on evidence found in the iOS 17.5 beta that includes mention of a repair status mode, and some beta testers can already enable it. The new mode appears to be one that allows people to enable the feature that allows Apple to do what it needs without having Find My disabled completely.

There is a great benefit here and it is time. Previously, disabling Find My used to be easy: Users would flip a switch and authenticate their Apple ID password. But with the advent of stolen device protection, things are a little different. That feature creates a one-hour delay before features like Find My can be turned off, unless you’re in a known location, like home. If people walk into an Apple Store and need an iPhone repaired, they often now have to wait an hour before they can leave because of the way Stolen Device Protection works.

That’s a key difference with the new Repair Status option: there are no delays and all other Stolen Device Protection and Find My Device features remain active at all times. In fact, a message that appears on the screen confirms that the iPhone will continue to function normally while in the new Repair Status mode.

Apple has not yet confirmed when the iOS 17.5 update will be released to the public, but we can expect it to happen in the coming weeks. Then, all eyes will be on the June 10 WWDC event and iOS 18.