The ultimate Japanese delicacy: rice balls made from the armpit sweat of pretty girls

It’s the latest one that’s going viral.

Japan is often home to the craziest inventions!

The one currently going viral online is onigiri (rice balls) made with the sweat of “pretty girls”. It is a local delicacy that is usually formed into a triangle shape with the palm of the hand.

This time, however, it is specially formed with the armpit of an attractive woman. Said woman does the onigiri in front of paying customers so they can closely observe the preparation process.

Onigiri | Mariam Sicard/Unsplash

Your job begins by first sanitizing the ingredients to ensure maximum cleanliness. He then exercises to build up sweat, which he then transfers to the rice ball. He does this by placing the uncovered rice in his armpit and squeezing it until it takes the desired shape.


Due to the unique way it is handled, the onigiri It sells for a premium. While a ball usually costs about 100 yen ($0.65), this one costs about ten times as much.

This rare delicacy was already available in 2016. Back then, a journalist was able to tell about it first-hand. He was completely satisfied and gave it all the stars, saying that the flavor was enhanced because it was made by a beautiful woman.

It’s so good! She didn’t know he could be so good just because a beautiful woman made him.

Japanese reporter

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Would you try it if you had the chance?

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