Top French university closes as police evict pro-Palestinian group – POLITICO

The activist organization demanded that Sciences Po “adopt a principled stance by sending an official statement condemning Israel’s actions that violate the rights and well-being of Palestinians” and that the university cut ties with “institutions or entities that espouse Zionist ideologies.” .”

Echoing the United States, pro-Palestinian student movements are organizing across France, with blockades and camps set up on university campuses amid an increasingly tense atmosphere as Israel’s months-long war against Hamas in Gaza drags on.

In a text message, the Palestine Sciences Po Committee told POLITICO that the university administration offered protesters to remain inside a cafeteria without “any outside contact.” The movement’s organizers rejected the proposal, which they said would have made it impossible to “stock up on food or speak to the press.”

The students were “peacefully evacuated” by police forces around noon on Friday, the committee said.

Protesters on college campuses across the United States have set up camps in opposition to Israel’s war, prompting a White House intervention and police action this week that resulted in clashes and arrests.

“Threatening people, intimidating people, instilling fear in people is not a peaceful protest,” US President Joe Biden said on Thursday. “Dissent should never lead to disorder.”