Why there was heavy traffic on the Nairobi highway on Thursday

Nairobi Expressway’s parent company, Moja Expressway, explained why there was heavy traffic on the road on Thursday.

In a statement Thursday night, Moja Expressway said it was the result of flooding.

He further said that water on Mombasa Road had affected movement on two lanes of the highway.

Moja Expressway also issued a warning to motorists to use caution when driving on the road.

The stretch of road has experienced significant flooding due to surface runoff and rainwater from the adjacent Mombasa Highway, which has affected two-lane traffic.

“Please note that due to the heavy rain experienced in Nairobi, drivers using the Nairobi Expressway between JKIA Entry Toll Station and Eastern Bypass Entry Toll Station A are advised to reduce speed due to flooding,” Moja Expressway said.

On Thursday, motorists traveling on the highway towards Mlolongo experienced heavy traffic due to the rains.

Motorists plying Mombasa Road were also not spared as water filled at the Imara Daima junction and outside the Imaara shopping centre.

Heavy rains have left several roads in urban areas impassable since the beginning.

The government has warned motorists not to drive on flooded roads because they endanger their lives and those of those on board.

Since the beginning of the floods, so far 210 people have lost their lives and 90 are still missing.

A total of 33,100 households have been displaced, affecting approximately 165,500 people.