Thai politician Prapaporn caught on intimate date with monk’s adopted son

Thai social networks are full of the shocking news of the romance of politician Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, 45, with her adopted son, a 24-year-old monk. The scandal unfolded when Prapaporn’s husband, Ti, caught them red-handed on video after driving five hours to investigate her suspicions.

The scandal has not only rocked Thailand but also intrigued social media users in China, who cannot believe the real-life drama. With commentary comparing the story to the incredible plot of a television drama, audiences are fascinated by the intricate details of the scandal.

Surveillance footage captured the moment the suspected businessman caught the lovers in the act in the marital bedroom of their home in Sukhothai, Thailand.

The 64-year-old burst into the bedroom, ripped off the sheets and discovered his naked Democratic Party wife Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, 45, with a naked Phra Maha monk.

Prapaporn in hot soup

As the shocked couple tried to cover themselves and get out of bed, the angry husband, known only as Ti, angrily asked: “Are you two very happy?”

Choeiwadkoh later admitted to the media that they were not having sex at the time, claiming that they were simply talking due to some problems the monk was facing and that they were planning to take a shower.

“I was so angry when I found them together, I feel so betrayed. She had brought him gold and given him many gifts,” the betrayed husband lamented.

Prapaporn, known as “Madam Ple,” is a prominent politician in Thailand, but her involvement in this scandal has led to her suspension from the Democratic Party pending an investigation.

It has been reported that Phra Maha left the monastery and is currently in hiding. In Thailand, Buddhist monks are prohibited from being alone in private with women and must remain celibate to set a positive example for their followers.

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