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Victoria Coach Station, which is separate from the bus station, frequently has accidents due to thousands of tourists using the narrow sidewalks between the train station, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park.

A large police cordon has been erected around the bus station and dozens of emergency teams rushed to the last location.

‘People keep crossing without looking’

A woman on the bus, who was among the visibly shaken witnesses, said she “saw a gray figure coming towards us from the side” as the driver turned towards the terminal in central London.

Youcef Fk, 26, who works for a tour bus company in Victoria, told The Telegraph: “The police said the bus had crushed a lady. “This is about the third time this has happened in the same location, and the fourth time was a couple of weeks ago when a bus stop was vandalized.”

Explaining the numerous accidents he sees at the intersection, he added: “It’s not about drivers, it’s about people. They continue crossing without looking back.

“It is a dangerous crossing. We keep telling the police and the city council that they have to put black barriers on the corners because the sidewalk is too close to the road and the bus wheels go over it.

“We keep reporting it to the police and the city council, but they don’t listen to us. “We work for tourism and we care about the people who visit this country, but we are finding that when people get injured, customers get scared and just want to leave the area.”

Westminster City Council and Transport for London have been contacted for comment on safety concerns over the crossing.

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