Coronation Street’s Nicky Wheatley to pursue new clue in Lauren Bolton mystery

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street’s Nicky Wheatley is set to pursue a new clue in the mystery surrounding Lauren Bolton’s disappearance.

The police are no further forward with finding out what happened to Lauren, while café owner Roy Cropper is currently in prison after being charged with her murder.

Daniel Osbourne is also under suspicion from the police, especially after Bobby Crawford’s false story about seeing an intruder in Lauren’s flat put him back in the firing line.


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To try and clear his name, Daniel attempted to find Lauren, and reached out to his old friend Nicky for help.

Nicky used to be a sex worker and formed a complex friendship with Daniel following the death of his wife Sinead, and she now works as an outreach worker in the community.

Daniel asked if any of the girls on the streets who Nicky supported had any information about Lauren’s disappearance, but they were left scared following the news about her murder.

In scenes that will air on Monday, May 6 and Wednesday, May 8, Daniel is still struggling with being a suspect in the case.

He tells dad Ken that he has arranged to meet up with Nicky again, because she may have further news regarding Lauren.


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Ken warns him to be careful, reminding him that when Daniel first met up with Nicky again, they were spotted by Max Turner as well as Bobby, which sparked further suspicion from the police.

Later in the week, Nicky calls round and reveals to Daniel that she’s going to meet up with a girl called Ellie who was groomed as a teenager, in the hope that she might have information about Lauren.

Could Nicky’s new lead provide a much-needed breakthrough in the case?

When Nicky was first announced as returning to the show, actor Kimberly Hart-Simpson said in a statement: “Stories surrounding women in the sex industry have often been forgotten, shamed or unspoken. But not at Coronation Street – they respectfully explore the world these women live in, the impact it has on the community and at some point dangers attached to the work.”

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