“The United States is Zimbabwe’s largest bilateral donor”

The United States of America’s top diplomat in Zimbabwe, Elaine French, has said her country is the largest bilateral donor to Zimbabwe and has provided almost $5 billion to the southern African country since 1980.

speaking in an interview With AB Communications editor-in-chief Moses Matenga on the sidelines of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), in French, the chargé d’affaires of the US embassy in Zimbabwe also said this year that the United States has returned to commit the PEPFAR program with US$209 to support the government of Zimbabwe.

The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is a critical initiative aimed at saving lives, preventing HIV infections, and accelerating progress toward achieving control of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in more from 50 countries around the world. He said French:

I am very proud of the work that the United States has done, especially in the health sector, here in Zimbabwe. In fact, the United States is Zimbabwe’s largest bilateral donor, especially in the health sector.

Since 1980, the United States has provided nearly $5 billion to the people of Zimbabwe, and the vast majority of that amount has been for health-related issues.

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In 1980, at independence, the United States promised the people of Zimbabwe to help rebuild the health sector.

That commitment was initially for US$2 million, but that US$2 million has actually grown to almost US$5 billion over the past four decades.

I think some people might feel like it’s decreased in recent years, but it’s actually increased since then. In the last three years alone we have provided a billion dollars to the people of Zimbabwe.

This year we have recommitted the PEPFAR program with US$209 to support the government of Zimbabwe in terms of addressing and combating the HIV epidemic and this is to help more than two million Zimbabweans live longer and healthier lives through provision of antiretroviral therapy.

We not only work in the area of ​​HIV, we also provide support to the Ministry of Health and the government in the fight against tuberculosis and malaria.

French also revealed that the United States has committed an additional $11 to help Zimbabwe mitigate the effects of the El-induced drought. She said:

It is a serious problem and I know it is for many Zimbabweans. It is not only a serious problem for Zimbabweans but also for the region.

In January, the United States committed an additional $11 million in assistance to some of the country’s most vulnerable people to help them better survive this difficult period.

This is in addition to the US$115 million the United States provided over the past five years in the agriculture and food security sectors.

As I mentioned earlier, the drought is affecting the entire region and the President’s recent drought declaration helps us look at Zimbabwe and its neighbors and see how the United States will respond comprehensively to the region.

Meanwhile, the US Senate confirmed Pamela Marie Tremont as the country’s new ambassador to Zimbabwe in a Senate vote.

The United States has had no ambassador to Zimbabwe since 2021, when its previous ambassador, Brian Nichols, was reassigned.

The United States Embassy in Harare is supervised by the French Chargé d’Affaires since 2022.

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