ChatGPT-powered search engine on the horizon to rival Google Search

The battle for search engine supremacy could be raising dust again as rumors swirl about a possible May 9 unveiling of a new web search engine powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

OpenAI, known for its chatbot, ChatGPT, is rumored to launch its search engine, which could challenge Google’s dominance in the search market.

While ChatGPT can already browse the internet to provide answers, this new search engine could provide AI-powered summaries and deliver quick results in a style similar to Google’s Generative Search Experience (SGE).

Like Google Bard, ChatGPT can now browse the Internet

After a short-lived previous attempt, generative AI chatbot ChatGPT has regained real-time Internet browsing capabilities, thanks to a collaboration with Microsoft Bing. The addition of the new feature called “Browse with Bing” means that ChatGPT’s more than 100 million unique users will now get more detailed, real-time responses.

This speculation stems from a Twitter user who spotted the creation of SSL certificates for the domain “” and a cryptic tweet hinting at a May 9 release date.

The timing in particular is interesting, as rumors suggest that the rumored event will occur just a week before Google’s I/O event, the search giant’s developer event, where announcements about the Pixel 8a and series are also anticipated. Pixel 9: it’s a good time to steal. Google thunder.

Google currently has a staggering 92.08% market share in the search engine world according to Statistics counter. That’s a mountain to climb. Even Microsoft’s Bing search engine has yet to significantly affect Google’s market share despite integrating ChatGPT.

However, ChatGPT’s arrival at a more intuitive AI-powered search engine makes strategic sense for both OpenAI and its backer Microsoft, with the possibility of undermining Google’s search engine.

While details remain under wraps, the possible arrival of a ChatGPT-powered search engine could breathe life into a largely stagnant search landscape. And with May 9 quickly approaching, we’ll soon know what OpenAI has up its sleeve.

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