ALC calls for action against violence in Namibia – Latest News

The Legal Aid Center (LAC), a non-profit organization, has expressed deep concern about the recent increase in violence in Namibia.

LAC director Toni Hancox has described the brutal murder of Christof Fredricks as a disturbing example of the violence plaguing the country.

The mutilated body of Fredricks, a transgender woman, was discovered on Thursday in Windhoek’s Otjomuise.

In a news release issued Friday, Hancox said more than 20 women were killed by gender-based violence and that more children were abandoned in garbage dumps this year.

She described these events as terrifying.

“Our disregard for the rights of the most vulnerable is something all Namibians should be ashamed of,” Hancox said.

He urged Namibian politicians, religious leaders and the public to take a stand against the violence and directly called on members of parliament, including Jerry Ekandjo, and Namibian churches to speak out.

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