Helldivers 2 Suffers Steam Review Blast Following Controversial PSN Account Linking Announcement

Helldivers 2 is now racking up an avalanche of negative reviews on Steam following an announcement from Sony that linking your Steam account to a PSN account will soon become a mandatory requirement to play the game. Obviously, this is something that many PC gamers (those affected by this) are not fans of, hence the aggressive pushback.

If you’re not aware, Sony said in the announcement that it will end a “grace period” during which not linking the two accounts was optional due to some technical issues related to the game’s launch. The new situation is as follows: “Starting May 6, all new Helldivers 2 players on Steam will be required to connect their Steam account to a PlayStation Network account. Current players on Steam will begin to see the required login starting May 30 and you will need to have linked a Steam and PlayStation Network account before June 4.”

Since that bombshell dropped this morning, the game has received a number of negative reviews from people frustrated with the fact that the link is becoming mandatory, even though it has been listed as a requirement on Helldivers 2’s Steam page since its release.

As of this writing, the game has racked up around 8,000 negative reviews over the course of today, May 3. More will likely continue to arrive over the weekend unless Sony and Arrowhead can find a way to swing public opinion back in their favor. – possibly reversing the decision or proposing solutions to the concerns and complaints expressed by players.

The exact reasons why these people oppose the change vary: some are concerned about the effect it could have on gamers in regions where PSN doesn’t operate, many cite concerns about giving Sony access to their data, and many simply don’t. they want to do it. they have to go through the sudden rigmarole of setting up another account in order to access a game they’ve already been playing for a while.

Regarding the first of these, Arrowhead community manager Twinbeard told concerned players on the game’s official Discord server that the studio is still chasing Sony representatives for more information about what it will mean. the change for people in places without access to PlayStation Network. .

While this is obviously dominating the Helldivers news cycle now, in case you missed it, a new Warbond was announced for the game yesterday: Polar Patriots.