NJ Transit Police Officers Save Choking Child

New Jersey Transit Police officers were praised for acting quickly to save the life of a choking three-year-old child in Trenton.

Body camera footage from several officers captures the dramatic incident unfolding outside the Trenton Transit Center on April 16.

In the footage, a person is seen getting off a bus holding a child in their arms and approaching police for help,

Transit officers quickly call for an ambulance and begin performing CPRbut their efforts did not dislodge the object blocking the child’s airway, police said.

“Visibly, the unresponsive child began turning blue due to lack of oxygen,” NJ Transit Police said.

Officer Timothy Geoghegan used his K-9 vehicle to transport the child to the hospital himself, police said, while Sergeant Michael Filandro continued CPR en route.

“Following Sergeant Filandro’s continued efforts and words of encouragement, the child began to breathe,” police said.

The department thanked all officers involved, which included Officer Roberto Tavares, Officer Michael Virag, and Lieutenant Mark Frenzel. Credit: NJ Transit Police via Storyful

Video transcript

Baby, Baby, baby, baby, baby, Is he coming out? He’s turning blue. You got a bus? Can you give me a name? Um, yeah. Stay with me, OK? Stay with me, OK? Stay with me .Stay with me, OK?Ben, He’s He’s making noise.He’s moving out.All right, There we go, buddy.All right.All right.Stay with me.OK, there we go.All right.Good job, then .Money.Can you stay with me?Hey, buddy.Um, All right, that one.All right, then.Hey, there we go, buddy.Hey, hey, Hey, guys, He’s breathing.He’s breathing again.Oh , yeah.We just got him.Yeah, we got whatever it was out.He’s moving here.