Ange Postecoglou delivers impassioned speech on Tottenham’s major changes and warns players

Ange Postecoglou has stated that “change has to happen” at Tottenham. Daniel Levy and Spurs, who won titles throughout his managerial career and all his teams played an attractive brand of football, will hope the Australian can lead the Lilywhites to glory and end their trophy drought in the process.

Postecoglou’s first season in north London has shown that not everything is going to be easy in his quest to aim for big honors on a regular basis. Having started the season so well and topped the Premier League, Spurs are now fifth in the table and seven points clear of Aston Villa in fourth place after losing three games in a row.

With Liverpool and Arsenal undergoing major changes under Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta in recent years to push towards the top of the Premier League, Postecoglou has indicated that both teams are “almost unrecognizable” since they started under their respective managers. That is what has to happen now at Tottenham, and the manager has revealed that they still have “a long way to go” on their journey.

“We need change, change has to happen,” said the 58-year-old coach. “You can’t want to alter your course, and quite dramatically for this club, because we went in a certain direction and now we’re turning in a completely different direction, and expect the same people to be on that… It’s just not going to happen, so…

“We’ve had two windows and we’ve had some player development, for sure, but when I say we still have a long way to go, that’s what I mean. We can’t be there yet.” because it’s impossible to say you’re going to have a drastic change and still expect everyone to be on that journey. It’s not for lack of trying… it’s just that we’re going to play a certain way, we’re going to do it. We train a certain way and we will have a certain mentality, and that’s not for everyone.

“And in the same way, whether it’s Liverpool or Arsenal, if you look at the beginning of their journeys, when they win the competition or are successful, the team is almost unrecognizable. That’s the reality, if you change. If you stay on the same course , of course, or on a similar course… but we have made an important turn here, so that is definitely the case, yes.”

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