Almost 100 asylum seekers in Dublin handed in letters – The Irish Times

Around 100 men who have been queuing outside the International Protection Office (IPO) on Mount Street have received letters stating that “there will be no further accommodation offers” at this time.

The number of male asylum seekers attending the Mount Street offices rose steadily on Thursday afternoon, with many of them sleeping rough on Wednesday night.

A total of 285 asylum seekers were moved from a camp in Mount Street to new accommodation in Crooksling and Citywest in a major operation on Wednesday morning.

After tents were removed and streets cleared, others were moved to Swords on Wednesday afternoon, although some were left without accommodation due to lack of space and not being present during the move.

Speaking outside the IPO on Thursday, many said they had arrived at 7am, had been unable to access a bed on Wednesday night and had heard a bus would be “organised” on Thursday morning.

At 2pm, around 100 men were queuing outside and waiting on the road leading off Mount Street towards the IPO premises. Shortly before three p.m., the men received letters explaining the updated situation.

“An operation was carried out yesterday to move all applicants who were camping in the Mount Street area to designated IPAS centres. Interested applicants who were waiting for an initial offer of accommodation and who found themselves on site during this operation were offered a bed at Crookslings or Citywest.

“Due to the accommodation shortage within IPAS, no further accommodation offers can be made at this time. “We have recorded your details and when suitable accommodation is available we will contact you by email with an offer.”

It was learned that the unhoused men slept Wednesday night in the city center, on the boardwalk south of the city center, in churches and with friends.

Earlier on Thursday, workers reinforced barriers erected around sidewalks to prevent tents from going up.

About 30 asylum seekers were returned to the IPO after being moved to accommodation in Swords on Wednesday night. Shortly after nine on Thursday morning, a bus stopped at the IPO and about 30 men got off.

Yesterday afternoon they had been taken to accommodation in Swords, although they were told it would only be for one night. Others told The Irish Times they were not provided with any alternative accommodation and were left to wander the streets or look for new tents on Wednesday night.

Ladi, a 19-year-old Albanian, said those taken to the accommodation in Swords “slept on the floor” and were woken early this morning to be taken back to Mount Street.

“They told us we can stay just one night, no more,” he said, adding, “I think they’ll give me a tent.”

Ladi arrived in Northern Ireland five days ago and slept in a park for two nights without a sleeping bag, he said.

After this he was housed by Albanian men in Belfast until he was taken to the IPO in Dublin yesterday, he said.

Meanwhile, early Thursday morning, several men who were not housed during yesterday’s operation waited outside the IPO.

Omar, a 23-year-old Somali man, was among a group looking to get a new tent and set it up near O’Connell Street.

“Hopefully we can get accommodation,” he said.

Three Nigerian men who did not want to be named waited for hours yesterday to be taken on a bus to their new accommodation in Citywest or Crooksling.

Once the IPO office closed yesterday afternoon, those who remained were “forgotten” and left standing on Mount Street without their tents, they said.

The group sourced new tents from homeless charity The Lighthouse and set them up near the town centre.

Some of those who were not housed were using walk-in delivery services at the time of the operation and returned to find their belongings removed “just like that.”

One of the men was on a date while they were cleaning the stores and said he doesn’t know where his luggage is.

Another Nigerian man who has been in Ireland since December said he was attending shelter services when his tent was removed.

“We went to Citywest and they told us there is no accommodation for you, your names are not there, you have to go back,” he said, adding that they took the luas back to the city centre.

“And then we came back here again and Gardaí said we couldn’t stay here tonight and we had to find somewhere to stay and get another tent,” he said.

A 53-year-old South African who missed yesterday’s buses to take a shower said he walked the streets all night because he had no tent or sleeping bag.

“I went to take a bath and when I came back there was no one here,” he said, adding: “I really need accommodation, look at my age.”

Volunteers who have been providing support to those sleeping in tents at the IPO helped about 15 men who were left without accommodation on Wednesday night, they said, helping them secure the tents and find a safe place to spend the night. evening.

Others who were offered accommodation at the Crooksling site left and returned to the town centre, due to the remote location and sleeping conditions, the Volunteers said.

Aubrey McCarthy, president of Tiglin at the Lighthouse, said the charity handed out 27 tents and sleeping bags on Wednesday night.

“Last night I was surprised that the line was still big,” he said.